The Making of Ottowin Footwear

We source all of our leather and components locally.

For the upper leather we go to the home of the British footwear industry, Northampton where we spend hours riffling through shelves of limited short run leathers. This means that once one of our colours has gone its gone for good and we cant get it again. We love the days spent browsing and planning with all the different colours and textures, It’s an intuitive process which informs our designs.

The process starts with concept, hand drawn sketches which develop through our time searching for leather, as we find colours, smells and feelings we like whilst in the throws of the hunt the overall image of the shoe, boot or sandal is completed. 

We use veg tan leather from a local traditional vegetable tannery right here in Bristol for the internal structure of Ottowin shoes. This gives our shoes a solid base that will mold to your feet as you wear them in. We use veg tan in the toe and heal section of our shoes too to give a supportive fit and to ensure these areas of high wear will keep on holding you up in years to come.

There is only 4 components to our shoes; The Sole, The Veg Tan (insole and stiffeners), the Upper Leather and Welt. Some of our styles do have a couple more pieces like the the eyelets on our boots and some a little less like our woven sandal which has no welt.

Even though we use as little components as possible there are still over 40 different processes that go into making every pair of Ottowin shoes. it takes up to 3 weeks to fully complete a pair of Ottowin shoes so they really are a labor of love and we really do love it.

If you are interested in coming to see the samples, make an order directly or just for a chat, get in touch - we would love to have you over for a cup of tea.