Fitted Boot - Charcoal

Fitted Boot - Charcoal


Handmade in Bristol by Lucy & Ollie

This Industry waste dusty black finished Nubuck is a beautiful French calf leather from the famous Du Puy Tannery. We have a total of 4 hides of this beautiful leather which we source from A & A Crack distributers in Northampton, England.

From these 4 hides we will be able to make an estimated 18 pairs of which we have already sold 9.

Upper - Industry waste leather

Stiffeners - Vegetable tanned leather

Midsole - EVA

Outsole - Vibram, Cristy 8377

Our footwear is made to order so you can expect a 3 week wait time on delivery.

For a sizing please check this guide or get in touch > SIZE GUIDE <

The reasons for these hides begin industry waste is not always specifically known but the main reasons that hides go back to A & A Crack are that a footwear producer has ordered more then they need, there was too many imperfections* on the hide (this is to do with large scale cost efficiencies rather than quality), a producer ordered a few hides to test a colour and then hasn’t used it.

*With the Imperfections this is because lots of manufactures use automated cutting machines to speed up their production and these machines will plot the most efficient usage of leather but if their are too many imperfections on the hide they won’t be able cut around them.

We can take these beautiful hides and with care and attention take the time to cut around these imperfections bringing you perfect boots without wasting hides.

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