Handmade footwear company based in Bristol, U.K.

Ottowin Footwear was founded by couple Lucy Lloyd & Oliver Cross in 2016. Born out of a love for traditional footwear craft and contemporary design as well as a great respect for their chosen material, Leather. All of our footwear is made by hand in limited editions at the Ottowin Studio in Bristol, UK. 

Our designs draw influence from traditional & wearable everyday styles, we use colour in complimentary and contrasting ways to lighten the tone of our footwear making a playful collection that can easily be worn with a range of styles.

Ottowin make long lasting luxury products with the highest quality leather so they will age beautifully with wear. 

Starting this brand has given us to platform to actively promote and give customers a slow fashion option; using our knowledge of materials to inform our decisions; from design, the hand selection of leathers through to the care we take when hand crafting every pair of Ottowin footwear. The opposite to a production line each pair is has been on the journey from raw material to a stamped and signed Ottowin shoe by the duo. This complete engagement in the making process creates a highly personal product which we hope carries through from us to you.

We hope to build long-term relationships of appreciation, slow production, care and respect which will flow up from your feet and grow to change societies relationship with the world of things. 


Lucy Lloyd

After studying at Cordwainers Lucy went on to work for independent footwear company F-troupe where she was head designer and managed overseas production and logistics for 3 years. Lucy gained experience of the industry but also became disenfranchised with the scale and methods of production and high turn over of styles which leads to a high amount of waste which is typical of globalised manufacturing. This experience was part of the catalyst for founding Ottowin in which both Lucy & Oliver share the belief and can actively promote small scale slow fashion.

Oliver Cross

Oliver comes from a fine art and design back ground after graduating from university he along with 10 friends started an artist led studio fabrication and gallery space. A successful art space it has been host to many artist and musicians as well as being the where they started and continue to run Ottowin from. Without the freedom of the creative space and support from the artist network that it has developed Ottowin would not have been a possibility. The experimental space and encouraging atmosphere of the Loft6d studio space has been a hot bed of ideas and has pushed both Ollie and Lucy to follow their combined passion.